Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon — A Child of Zen

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is one of those movies that feels like it took everything from a King Hu film, and it had every intention of being a homage to King Hu’s films.  What’s amazing about this movie is that you can draw so many parallels to a good amount of Hu’s films.  The taverns — the temples — the undercover agent getting stabbed in the head with a throwing knife. — the lead character being a female warrior who eventually dresses up as a boy — the time she is confronted to fight — the abbot monk type warriors — the bamboo forest scenes — the monk temples in the mountains — it is so amazing.  This movie would be a King Hu film if he had the capability.  I had the opportunity to meet Cheng Pei Pei, the actress who plays Jade fox and Golden Swallow.  She said that Ang Lee wanted 3 generations of female martial arts actors, Pei Pei, Michelle Yeoh, and Zhang Ziyi.

The old tale of warriors and heroes

sword holders and seekers on quest for Wudang secrets

The manual holds the signs

He who has green destiny always shine.

Lay down the sword, the blood spilled by blade, stain metal like sun make color change from new to aged — weapon

Forged in a Dynasty 400 years before

A thief’s presence

Apprentice to the Jade Fox — midnight burglar

break and enter, but never murder

draped in cloth that show signs of wealth

young double life led by Fox who be master to little girl.

Jen befriend lover of leading man, hero who put his hand down in seeking revenge.

Give sword to sister, take it to be watched by old friend in other district.



Jade Fox, kill hero’s master with poison dart, on the run from undercover cop, who lose head to throwing star.

She in the tangle, hunted by Mu Bai, in every angle.

Float on roof top, stick in hand of Mu Bai, no match for what Jen got.

But he wants apprentice, who’s your master, where you learn those lessons.

The Dark Cloud surround, the old sound of flashback, desert tracks, to caves in dry lands, chase bands for combs stolen by gangs and clans man.

He say he quick, but lovers run on horse, gallop like the wind, dodge arrow and spear, to make Jen bubble with anger and tear.

Stop for water, rich daughter, kick wind on butt, but wind get up, and take Jen to cave to be  treasure or hostage.

Bound at wrist, but made promise to sing, while girl get clean in hot water.

Jen comes back, arranged marriage, make girl mad, do it for your parents, sister asks.

Cloud come down on parade.

Evade law by running to mountain way.

Return steal, take destiny to inn, battle iron eagle, tiger, and wrist.

Make the lot of martial men, black and blue, bruised and beaten too.

Hero from book she read now hunt her she hunted.

He float graceful on bamboo and lake when she run, cut sister who spare her in fight for old sword.

Saved by Jade Fox, make poison and plot to kill her.

Mu Bai, die at hand of fox, but one needle stop heart, a thousand to make her body drop.

Sister spare life, keep alive young one, she go to mountain where dark cloud on top it.

Make love that last time, and wish for a whole life time.




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