Raining In The Mountain

This movie was filmed in Korea so none of the actors could get off the set — King Hu was known for demanding a lot from his actors.


Monk travel far

Governor and friend who come with mistress

to temple in mountain

where abbot live and guard scroll of old Buddha.

Followed by layman who know plenty

but no monk

bring many girl

but no touch

who tell teaching on rock while woman bathe naked

to tempt young monk into breaking zen way of living.

Good men help abbot in matters of three

monk to succeed and become next to guard old scroll.

But Governor and friend come to steal with mistress and agent

grab scroll while Abbot make big decision before take off on nirvana mission.

In come street sweeper

criminal or thief

become monk and leave

past behind as well as hair

to guard monk scripture room and writings

housed their.

New Abbot with bad past

make change strong and heavy

ask monk to tend garden

make veggie for food

better than what monk served


Scroll once again captured

burn scroll that cause trouble

the treasure is not in the material

but in the teaching.

This old thing bring all trouble.

Cut mistress hair to make up for spilt blood.

Nirvana reached on boat to cross from shore to shore.





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