The Valiant Ones — Rising Stars


Sea sunrise

and rising tide

or sun

bandit come on boat to rape and pillage

get to killing

steal treasure from anyone.

Master send servant out

to eradicate pirate problem

plaguing shores of China

doubt a clan of misfit

can deal with the sword of Japanese

steel raised to steal everything.

Mr. Wu, master of Wuxia, nick named whirlwind

put wind in sail of pirate ship.

Clan surrounded, can hold down Chinese checkers in forest

board used as military tactic

and cinematic match.

Display swordsmanship and hand to hand boxing in ring in box

take on one cut out square of cloth

then four pick up sword and try to cut whirlwind down

no doubt he stand can’t cut wind with hands or steel.

Sister sit no bow but throw arrow and one up monk

show him how its done.

Battle Sammo.  Big samurai with white face, swordplay, on par with Wu.

Beach fight make showdown final scene between Sammo and Wu

Sister come to rescue but take star to face make starry face

and all die valiant ones.


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