The Fate of Lee Kahn — Cynics and Power Rangers

After King Hu had finished his Wuxia epic, A Touch of Zen, he released himself from Union , and became a independent film maker.  This was his plateau, his peak, the decline of his career.  His films still focused on the idea of an inn as a meeting place for his main characters or his plot, as seen in both, The Fate of Lee Kahn and Anger Four Moods.  

The one and only Kahn

a wrath that goes beyond

lands and borders

sends orders to chief that observe

the peace and over sees

the behavior of famous thieves

in inns and living quarters.

Get cozy with the lady

who runs the business

affairs become a trade

of information that a

chief is blind to see

because beauty below the belt

make a man think different.

Lovely ladies run it

but they are waitress

not no hostess

men think they can

coax them into

drinks that have

ulterior motives.

These ladies

are much more

than a place to hang

a coat when

the wine and lamb

is finished and

gambling is over.

Kahn is coming

so send a spy

call him cousin

when a drunk comes in

to sing for money

to pay for meals

and wine

payed by man undercover

four gold coins

a sign

that inn keeper

cousin and bum

conspire to overthrow

plans of Kahn when he arrive.

“For real though, that bum was funny, a cynics song will fill a tummy.”

The beautiful waitress’

fall in colors

like power rangers

could this be inspiration

for Japanese heroes

years later

Kikaida — Kamen rider

a person with a

shady past

thieves and

professional pick pockets

sacrifice life

for greater good when they have chance

fall in line

or fall on sword

kill the Kahn’s

Princess if he hurts any of

the innkeepers girls.







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