Momma Got a Baby and Yang hang with Abbot — A Touch of Zen pt. 2


King Hu, now at Union Films, becomes notorious for going over budget and now turns, A Touch of Zen, into two films because of conflict with Union.  The second half of the movie was used as a mother movie it self to fulfill contract obligations toward the studio.  The film wasn’t released for four years.  King Hu’s heart was already out of it and the ending wasn’t as strong as the beginning.  The film feels like two different films between part 1 and part 2.  Questions are left up in the air and the film ends on a religious note.  This film also the beginning of a long career for Sammo Hung, as well as an inspiration for many more wuxia movies in the future.  Stephen Chow used a similar scene in Kung Fu Hustle during his last scene with the beast on the ground, much like Eunuch Wei.
I know you plotting

go to tell mama
make a tale
and spread it well
make that general
in that chair
talk about that
ghost in temple
see em in box
scene put on square
with action
set that trap
arrow bow
and mannequin
spider web
military tactics
fly in web
laugh at traps
monks clean up a mess
baby momma gone
hidden in the mountains
at a Shaolin temple
took a long walk
in taiwan
beauty in the mood
baby in a blanket
found em on a rock
placed on the ground
by a Shaolin
picked em up
took off
and a walk through a forest
spotted by a peasant
with a wanted poster
Gu been on the run
from Eastern Chamber
Yang dipped out
with the abbot
gave birth to Ku
Child heir of yang family
momma happy
she got grandchild
took a long while
at the young age of thirty
Eunuch Wei
two henchmen
dressed in red
on the side of him
young sammo hung
the fat one
took on by villain
from Dragon Gate Inn
angle on the abbot
make him look
and holy
track in slowly
brought a squad of four
with ropes to lasso
Eunuch Wei
who wouldn’t put down the sword
let him be
take me back to hong kong
on a long walk with seven
Eunuch Wei on the ground
knees down
with Hung and other henchman
Begging Abbot
to take him in
penitence will cleanse
all evil done prior
sorrow is a sea
that never ends
stand up and I’ll help you repent
Double crossed
Stephen Chow
done homage to King Hu
with The Beast on the ground
fighting Kung Fu Hustler
asking him to be his master
helped him up from the knees and tried to stab him
same as done to Abbot
Bleeding gold
Wei see silhouette of buddha
Vision negative
turned on his own men
he about to lose it
took a jump from a cliff
with the birds in negative
wound up on the floor
stiff as a board
dead died and gone
lost his mind from a bop
now the holy Buddha bleeding gold
is the one who sends us off

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