A Touch of Zen pt. 1 – The Blind Swordsman – A Gay Artist – and A Chinese Mother

This is the holy grail of King Hu films — the two part epic that Hu created while working at Union in Taiwan — this is the pinnacle of Wuxia filmmaking — the granddaddy — Watching this movie I could see scenes that inspired other films such as Tarantino’s Kill Bill vol. 1, while the bride is in the inn she hides on the ceiling — just like Yang does when the eunuch is looking for her.  

A touch of zen

an artistic man

not fond of  civil exams

with a mom that goes on about how he needs a hand

in marriage

whats apparent

the artist is a closet case

make up on his face

but an ace at military strategy

found a new neighbor

visually flattering

painted a picture of a eunuch

with a hat that hid his agenda

searching for a run away princess

and a general that set out to defend her

playing it off as a blind sage

with a strange walk

but trained by bald monks

in a flash back on buddhists lands

a flick of the wrist or a slap of the hand

has the soldiers falling on their bottoms

An abbot the pinnacle of zen

the apex of hand to hand combat

supernatural contact

flying across a bamboo forest

the force is continued in part two

tune in when Ku

comes to the foreground

displaying his scholarly prowess of how to hold it down for Yang and the gang

brains and strategy will triumph over brawn and physicality


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