Dragon Inn and The Come Back of Hu VS RUN RUN SHAW

In the land of a Emperors, Kings, and Queens

Eunuchs reign supreme

They practice kung fu styles that can only be controlled by the castrated

No mortal man can wield power such as this

Teleportation, super speed, and iron first

I’m talking about deceit, no honor amongst thieves, hitman, or so called soldiers that will kill you in your sleep

The showdown begins at the Dragon Inn

Kill the staff with a sword and hide the bodies before you let the next guest in

Brothers and Sisters, here stands kin

Family that understands kung fu like no other man

Except the Eunuchs and Lone Swordsman

The killer umbrella

Stand under the sword weapon and be protected from devious villain

But skill sets of the sword and style don’t keep you safe from the guile

Of a Eunuch’s henchman who poisons you with the wine you’re drinking

Fool Em All with a charade  of possum

Problem solved

Enemy thought he died with a sip of wine

merely a mask for them to fall into the trap

face down on the table faking death before putting a taste of their own medicine in their hands

Resemblance to Tarantino, drawing inspiration from Hu like sips of wine at Dragon Inn — Mis En scene like a game of clue who is ready to die and who will poison who.














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