Come Drink With Me – And The Dirty Drunken Master

I heard King Hu directed Come Drink With Me, as a way to make a cheap and profitable film for Run-Run Shaw after his box office flop, Sons of Good Earth, his second film.  Before the film could be finished King Hu was ending his relationship with Shaw Brothers Production.  Problems arose, when once again, King Hu went over time and budget.  Run-Run Shaw put his hand down and King Hu felt as if he was losing his creative freedom.  This movie might be the rebirth of modern martial arts cinema and Wuxia films.  Thank you King Hu.


The master is captured in the clutches of the governor

the big villain send out number two to do his dirty work

a tiger with a jade face do a stick up on a caravan

they take down the warriors of the governors only son

its all interrogation

where did you put our leader

tell us or you’ll met your maker

one tiger smiles and the other with a jade face

says send a letter to his father

to release our boss or his son is dead meat.

Meet us at the inn

a swallow sent to be a savior

she comes with letter sent by tiger

and a thirst for wine to savor

well here’s the deal

you’re gonna die if you don’t release our boss

wine jugs, chairs, and fist fly

before the villains fall

It really is the Golden Swallow

a warrior dressed in drag

a woman dressed as man

but no man can realize that

busting through the door is a dirty drunken beggar

who speaks in riddles and sings with children

but secretly is a kung fu master

it’s the swallow’s guardian angel

who saves her from the villains

that bust through her window at the inn when the try to kill her while she’s sleeping

the dirty drunken master

who hides in secret as a beggar

sings in riddles of swallows brother

being kept captive at the temple

The hour is upon our hero to save her brother from his captors

the swallow lets her hair down and the men begin to clamor

boss it’s a lady

she’s probably crazy

thinking she can beat us guys

lets take this woman by surprise

she looks um dead right in their eyes

and says I’ll take you all on in a fight

it’s the showdown at the temple

and our hero needs a hand

the drunken master tosses a bun

and a bad guy falls right on his ass

fast speed

our king hu ballet dancer

kung fu master

trick of cinema reborn Wuxia

Cheung Pei-Pei

hit by a poison dart

close to heart but don’t kill her

drunken master suck the poison to keep her living

I want to make a film about a drunken master in Hawaii — this is all I could think about while watching this film.  









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