Sons of Good Earth

Sons of Good Earth

good earth sons — paint on these walls young man you good

don’t save no damsel in distress that whore house make many a lady want to kill themselves

that artist paint pharmaceutical Japanese pig poster on wall

imperial scum we don’t know you yet

occupation soon to be Japanese Occupation

forget it

beautiful girl don’t be doing no window jumping

any artist is a lover wether he know it or not

he’ll save you

slap stick comedy a cometh when artist get sidekick

police chief you be smelling something fishy

and it not be lady of the night in tea house behind closed door

escape escape break free from gamble drug house whore house

life be better in small neighborhood with funny lady who make inconvenience comedy

we know irony

she don’t know

pretty gal who in real life be married to leading actor

handsom chinaman

y’all call for noodle bowl at window

show me nationalism in young begging kids

sing me song of foreshadows

y’all call Japanese scum to be gone

move on

fat man chu

and big lady who like money Chinese tight with money

you owners of girl my property no make money

when lose girl lose money

new inspector police chief

you be big director king hu once chu

how you

welcome and take them whore house gamble house

drug den leaders down to the pen

station – jail you say

don’t bring them back till you join resistance — militia — guerrilla

ok ok

artist them drug dealer whore wielder want revenge

take your wifey away

japanese come in head honcho want you lady

come sleep with me

come drink with me

tea house porno

fist be fly showdown

where we go hu or chu been shot

dont get caught

chopped down sidekick

back stabbed by shogun soldier warrior to emperor

samurai descendent

when we defeat occupation

you be happy when life return

but I have lost friend and lover

how can I eat bun or noodle

celebrate with no streamers or pop pop red sticks

I’m waiting

how we end

well my wife make way through doors


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